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 Civil Processing Software Overview


asyst:Civil Processing is a completely integrated system designed to automate the process of serving legal documents for Sheriff's Departments, Constables or Clerks of Court. This product enables organizations to follow a docket from the court, to service attempts and final execution payments.

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asyst:Civil Processing creates any custom letters and notices with an integrated Microsoft Word mail merge feature. Any type of documents, such as judgments, foreclosures, garnishments, and evictions, can be served. asyst:Civil Processing can handle it all. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can attach any documentation (scanned documents, PDF files, Word documents, pictures, etc.) to your cases. It has features designed to save your agency time and money. The system is very flexible, highly customizable and capable of providing detailed reporting for your department. In addition, asyst:Civil Processing is completely integrated with asyst:General Ledger and asyst:Accounts Payable for all of your accounting needs.
·          Easily track all civil process records from one integrated system.
·          Log and track successful service and service attempts.
·          Calculate service fees and commissions.
·          Easily generate all letters and notices with an integrated mail merge with Microsoft Word.
·          Attach any type of digital document or file to the record.
·          Account for all payments to all parties and automatically create the checks in asyst:Accounts Payable.
·          All reports can be emailed or exported to Microsoft Word or Excel.
·          Easily create letters on demand or in a batch.
·          Track case transactions, balances and server statistics, plus more!
 asyst:Civil Processing is one of a comprehensive system of individual asyst applications that can be mixed and matched to meet the most exacting needs of your local government organization. The asyst family of products operates in either a single user or networked PC environment. asyst:Civil Processing is packed with features that will help you to make your work life more organized and therefore easier and more enjoyable.
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