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Postal rates are up and there’s no end in sight. But, there is something you can do about it. Take advantage of the US Postal Service’s discounts for CASS (Certified Accuracy Support System) certified addresses. 

asyst:UB CASS Address Certification provides an efficient, internet based and easy to use system for address verification and certification, along with proper postal bar coding of your utility bills. Become CASS certified and your organization qualifies for savings on mailing your utility bills and any other mass mailings you do from the asyst:UB Customer database. Listed below are just a few of the benefits of using asyst:UB CASS Address Certification.

·        Save up to 9.6 cents per UB statement mailing and up to 7.1 cents per UB postcard mailing by being CASS certified!
·          Save time with move in and move outs by automatically obtaining the ZIP 4. No more searching the internet to find the correct zip code.
·          Meets USPS Certified Accuracy Support System (CASS) requirements.
·          Compliant with USPS Mandates regarding Presorted or Automation rates.
·          With savings like these, you can afford to get more timely information into the hands of your residents.
·          Enhance accuracy by eliminating “undeliverable” mailings and “incorrectly addressed” mailings.
·          This is an automated solution (one simple click from your asyst:UB menu - asyst:UB CASS Address Certification and your internet connection does the rest) that keeps your database of mailing addresses compliant with (USPS) and at the same time saves your money!

     And, it’s inexpensive! The USPS requires certification every 6 months to continue receiving your discounts. But, for a single annual support fee (after paying your initial license fee) which is computed based on the maximum number of addresses you want to certify, you can certify your UB addresses as often as you’d like. Depending on your billing volume and frequency, you can recoup your investment in just a few months. 

           asyst:UB CASS Address Certification is one of a comprehensive system of individual asyst:Utility Billing applications that can be mixed and matched to meet the most exacting needs of your organization. The asyst® family operates in either a single user or networked PC environment. Despite its ease of use and value pricing, asyst:UB CASS Address Certification is packed with features that will make your work life easier and more enjoyable.