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asyst® is priced like PC software with the exception that we have built in a sliding price reduction scale for asyst. You only license the number of copies of asyst that you require. Our pricing has nothing to do with the size of your organization, the speed of your hardware, or the number of users on your network.

You license one copy of a single asyst module for each PC from which you wish to use that program. If you have 2 PC's from which you do Payroll work, you need 2 copies of asyst:Payroll, no matter how many PC's there are on the network or how many employees you have.

Most asyst modules are priced at US$395/CA$595, with some as little as US$195/CA$295 and none higher than US$995/CA$1495. These prices are for single user versions of asyst, but additional copies are discounted significantly.

To get a specific price quote, please contact the Sales Rep for your area.

     Barbara Barnes
800-456-8784 x3402
North America
     Chris Melton
800-456-8784 x3413

     Paulette Delaney
800-456-8784 x6287
     Patrick McGarrity, Jr.
800-456-8784 x3404
     Lisa Bush
800-456-8784 x3401

     All other areas
Lisa Bush
Sales Manager
800-456-8784 x3401
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