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 Master Directory


asyst:Master Directory provides a centralized database of people and organizations that live in your community or conduct business within your community. asyst:Master Directory works as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with one or more of the other asyst:General Government applications.

asyst:Master Directory:

  • Works with asyst:General Government® applications to assure consistency of name information and efficiency in storing information about people and businesses within your community.
  • Maintains people, their addresses and a virtually unlimited amount of user-defined data about them.
  • Provides a central business database with user-defined types and certifications.
  • Stores an unlimited amount of note information about an individual or business.
  • Provides, when used with asyst:Land Management, consistent owner and occupant information for all parcels.
  • Inquiry available by person to view the following information (property tax billing, utility billing, code violations, business licenses, animal license and cemetery management.)
  • Scan and attach any type of file to the master directory database.

asyst:Master Directory is one of a comprehensive system of individual asyst® applications that can be mixed and matched to meet the most exacting needs of your local government organization.

The asyst family operates in either a single-user or networked PC environment. Despite its ease of use and value pricing, asyst:Master Directory is packed with features that will help you to make your work life more organized and therefore easier and more enjoyable.