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 Property Tax Billing Software Overview

asyst:Property Tax gives you a cost-efficient and customizable way to make billing for property taxes easy and accurate. It saves you time and money by automating the many steps involved in tax administration, including:
·          Creating and maintaining property assessments information such as:
·             Preparing notices
·             Administering receivables
·             Applying penalties
·             Generating reports
·             Single data entry form for maintaining all relevant property tax information. 
·          Centralized control over your tax billing process.
·          Inquiries are made with a single inquiry form that displays property descriptions,owner changes, assessment values, transaction balances and much more! 
·          Easily enter and modify tax roll information.
·          Set up an unlimited number of owner names and addresses for each tax roll.
·          Maintain bills for and send bills to any number of individuals.
·          Find accounts quickly by searching on part or the entire name, legal description, street address, parcel ID, zoning and/or land use.
·          Retrieve account balances instantly. System maintains up to date balances with penalties and interested calculated.
·          Easily track property assessments and additional charges. Most tax billing charges are calculated based on assessment values. asyst:Property Tax allows you to maintain an unlimited number of assessments on a particular property. A mill or tax rate can be applied to this assessment by class, school support, school division, hospital district or a range of other criteria.
·          Enter unlimited additional charges into the system, such as local improvement and one-time charges.
·          Send out notices and letters with the Microsoft Word mail merge feature.
·          Track an unlimited number of actions such as owner change, rate change, assessment changes, property sale etc.
·          Track an unlimited number of actions such as owner change, rate change, assessment changes, property sale etc.
·          System produces bar codes so that payments can be quickly scanned into the database. In addition payments can be electronically drafted and files can be imported in directly from a bank for lock box payments.
·          Easily reprint any tax bill and produce tax certificates.
·          Scan and attach documents to the property tax database.
·          Easily reverse a payment for NSF checks and automatically bill customer for a user defined NSF fee.
asyst:Property Tax   is part of a comprehensive system of individual asyst® applications that can be mixed and matched to meet the most exacting needs of your organization. The asyst family operates in either a single user or a networked PC environment. Despite its ease and value pricing, asyst:Property Tax is packed with features that will make your work life easier and more enjoyable.