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asyst:Municipal Court is a full featured municipal court system that looks and works like Microsoft® Office. asyst:Municipal Court includes a complete system that enables you to enter, maintain and track unlimited municipal court cases. Docket entries are easily created along with other case related events, fees and additional charges. You can review all case related information on line, plus review unlimited accounts receivable history and much more! 

  • Documents and forms are easily created with the integration of  asyst:Municipal Court with Microsoft Word.
  • asyst:Municipal Court interfaces seamlessly to asyst:Public Safety applications so that names, locations, people and citations are only entered in the database once.
  • Centralized case entry, maintenance and payment collection.
  • Municipal Court citations can be receipted through asyst:Cash Receipts so that payments are entered only once and all modules are automatically updated with a complete audit trail.
  • Helps prevent mistakes by tracking all events that must occur for specific case types.
  • Easily create docket entries, case related documents, fees and additional charges.
  • Tracks Warrants issued.
  • Track multiple parties on citations and produces documents for any party on a citation.
  • Produces barcode labels for case files so that citation numbers can be scanned in for quick data entry.
  • Tracks failure to appear violations.
  • All revenue collected for fees, fines and bonds integrate automatically with  asyst:General Ledgerasyst:Municipal Court easily tracks an unlimited number of name changes for individuals.
  • Regardless of the number of name changes, all violations can be viewed together online.
  • One step process for reversing payments.
  • Attach any type of document to the municipal court database.
  • All reports can be easily exported to Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Master Name inquiries to view all incidents by person.
  • Contact USTI if you would like to learn more about our ability to interface with hand held ticket writers.
asyst:Municipal Court is one of acomprehensive system of individual applications that can be mixed and matched to meet the most exacting local government software needs. The asyst®family operates in either a single user or a networked PC environment. Despite its ease of use and value pricing, asyst:Municipal Court is packed with features that willmake your work life easier and more enjoyable.