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asyst:Citations is a full featured citation management system designed to track and manage citations issued by officers in one or more jurisdictions.

asyst:Citations provides an integrated set of programs to enter and report on citations issued and fines associated with them. It provides a virtually unlimited number of user-defined data fields as well as unlimited note capability to provide custom capabilities in an off-the-shelf product.

asyst:Citations is packed with features not usually associated with such a value priced product. It: 

·                         Allows entry and maintenance of all citations.
·                         Tracks citations by issuing officer, agency and detailed geo code.
·                         Allows an unlimited number of officers to be involved with a citation.
·                         Tracks all of the involved parties as well as their roles in the citation.
·                         Maintains an unlimited amount of narrative.
·                         Keeps track of the vehicle involved in the citation and records it in the Property Table.
·                         Manages a complete database of user-defined statuses and codes.
·                         Provides ample reporting plus reporting interfaces to Microsoft Access and Excel.
·                         Integrates seamlessly with the asyst:Municipal CourtModule.
·                         Integrates with the Brazos Technology handheld ticket writers.