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 Offense Reports


asyst:Offense Reports is a full featured offense reports entry and tracking system designed to allow after-the-fact entry of offense reports and follow-up information about them. In asyst:CFS is in use, offense reports information can be copied from the call for service form and offense reports numbered the same as the CFS number.

asyst:OR provides an integrated set of programs and tables that allow you to enter and track information about all offense reports, including:

The type of location
The incident times and description
The parties involved (interfacing directly to the asyst:MNI module)
The property involved
The officers dispatched
Virtually unlimited user-defined information
Plus both internal and media narratives (including spell checking)

asyst:OR is highly flexible, with virtually all coded information definable or modifiable by the user.

asyst:OR provides a number of valuable functions:

  • Generates offense report numbers based on your rules.              
  • Tracks report date, the time (or time range) the crime was committed.
  • Allows an unlimited number of officers to be involved with the offense report.
  • Tracks all of the involved parties, including reporting parties, victims, witnesses, offenders, and arrested individuals.
  • Provides the ability to record an unlimited number of user-defined characteristics
  • Maintains an unlimited amount of narrative information about the offense, both for internal use and for media distribution.
  • Maintains user-defined offense report status.               
  • Provides built in spell checking for all data entered.
  • Ability to lock records after they have been approved.