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 Calls for Service


asyst:Calls for Service is a full featured calls for service entry and tracking system designed to allow real-time or after-the-fact entry of calls for service and follow up information about them.

asyst:CS provides an integrated set of programs and tables that allow you to enter and track information about calls for service, including the source of the call, the call type, officers dispatched, and reporting times, parties involved (interfacing directly to the asyst:MNImodule), virtually unlimited user-defined information, plus both internal and media narratives (including spell check).

asyst:CS is highly flexible, with virtually all coded information definable or modifiable by the user.

Despite its ease of use and value pricing, asyst:Calls for Service is packed with the features before only found in much more complex and expensive systems, including:

  • Generates Call for Service number based on your rules.
  • Tracks the time the call was received, dispatched, en route, arrived and cleared.
  • Allows an unlimited number of officers to be involved with the call.
  • Tracks all of the involved parties, including complainants and reporting parties.
  • Provides the ability to record an unlimited number of user-defined characteristics.
  • Maintains an unlimited amount of narrative information about the call, both for internal use or media distribution.
  • Maintains user-defined call status.
  • Interfaces seamlessly with asyst:Master Name Index and asyst:Offense Reports.
  • Includes ample reporting plus the ability to generate an unlimited number of reports and queries using the power of Microsoft® Access and/or Excel.
  • Implementation is simple and fast with most setup accomplished in less than a day.
  • Provides built-in spell checking for all data entered.