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 eBilling and ePayment


eBilling & ePayment 

The eBilling and ePay for PayPal  services work together; however, eBilling service can be implemented without the ePay for PayPal service.  ePay for PayPal  can be implemented without eBilling.


  • Provides both convenience for the bill recipient and dramatic cost savings for the biller.
  • Allows bill recipients to view their utility bill at a secure web server with an account number and a PIN.
  • All eBill recipients that have an email address will automatically be sent an email notification that a new eBill has arrived.
  • eBills can be printed and stored physically  by the recipient or can be downloaded as a PDF file and stored digitally on the recipient’s computer.
  • eBills remain online until the next billing cycle of the biller.

ePayment for PayPal

  • Permits your customer to make credit card / debit card payments to pay Utility Bills, Tax Bills, as well as any AR invoice for such applications as Animal License, Building Permits, Business Licenses and Code Enforcement.
  • Based on the Customer Pays model for paying credit card processing fees, that is, the customer who avails themselves of the convenience of being able to use a credit card pays for the convenience.
  • Permits you to download, on your schedule, all payments received over your web site and to   automatically post this batch of payments into the appropriate asyst module. Your organization receives 100% of the amount due on the customer’s bill. No manual entry of payments!