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 Public Safety Software Overview


asyst:Public Safety is a family of Microsoft Windows based software modules designed to automate the information gathering and reporting needs of Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices. It is made up of a collection of individual modules that can be used separately or merged into a seamless system. These modules include:

  • asyst:Master Name Index
  • asyst:Calls For Service
  • asyst:Offense Reports
  • asyst:Citations
  • asyst:Jail Management
  • asyst:Alarm Billing
  • asyst:CAD
  • asyst:UCR Reports
  • asyst:State Interface

All of the asyst:Public Safety modules interface seamlessly with the asyst:Master Name Index module so that names, addresses, and characteristics of all parties to all Calls or Incidents are tracked easily. Much care has been taken to minimize the amount of information that must be entered into the system and to allow coded entry of user-defined information.

Throughout the individual modules, there are consistent interfaces that allow learning to be quick and easy. Data is transferred automatically from one module to the next (e.g., Calls for Service to Offense Reports) to avoid the need for additional key entry by busy officers and clerks.

Reporting is virtually unlimited due to the power of Microsoft Office applications including Access and Excel. With these two tools, end users can quickly develop anything from simple lists to sophisticated searches.

asyst:Public Safety, like all of the asyst applications, is developed exclusively in Microsoft’s award winning relational database, Access, the most widely used PC database in the world. And, all of the asyst applications follow Microsoft’s user interface standards. Once you know any one of them, the rest are a snap to learn.

Price is also an important difference between asyst:Public Safety and other automated public safety systems. Rather than thousands of dollars, asyst modules are priced in the hundreds instead.

What could be better or easier than completely integrated modules, state of the art technology and wonderfully low prices.